Anders Vogel

A rogue vampire hunter, with only blood in his wake...


Quick with a blade and with a flintlock, Anders makes his living hunting the errant and occult. He is a dark and shadowy man, without a face to his name. Those among the nobility seek his help when their brothers and sisters turn… or when evil lurks far too close for comfort.


Anders was born into squalor, a family in the murk and mire of the lower districts. It should come as no surprise that he made haste to escape his dire situation at the first opportunity. He learned the ways of the street—and soon enough, the ways of the occult—claiming his first kill at the age of seventeen. Since then, his life has been devoted to the execution of his righteous task; he has no bonds, no burdens, and no regrets. He is an engine of death.

Anders Vogel

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