Caithness Inverary

A lady of the Inverary house, involved in acts of impropriety...


Caithness Inverary was born into one of the great houses of Velomore, a position of great power and privilege. Of course, House Inverary is well-known to be comprised mostly of vampires, and Caithness is no exception.

While a representative of her house first and foremost, Caithness is also a known member of the Bloodletters. She co-ordinates the many blood drives in the wealthier districts of Velomore, often representing the group at formal events. She is a well-loved individual, and a poster child for the modern vampire. However, recent controversy has arisen regarding the legitimacy of some of her dealings.


Growing up as a vampire is not an easy time for anyone, however, being the youngest daughter of a Great House makes it a much easier feat. Caithness grew up without seeing the toils of the peasant members of her kind, living a life blind to much of the horror in Velomore. However, in her late teens, she passed by a Bloodletting clinic during a private walk. Upon this discovery, she immediately devoted all her time and resources toward helping her kind.

Now, she divides her time between representing her House, and representing the Bloodletters. She is a public figure, well-loved by even those of the lower class who despise nobility.

Caithness Inverary

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